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Kitchen Medic Home Remodeling LLC. is a kitchen, bath remodel company, capable of remodeling the following:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Floor Installation
  • Countertop/Cabinetry Refacing
  • Interior Home Remodeling

We provide you with a great product and excellent service at an affordable price. We often help our customers set a budget for their projects and we work within their budgets to get the project done. We take a lot of pride in our work to make sure that you are happy with the product and service you receive.

Kitchen Medic Home Remodeling LLC. Is based in Montclair, CA. We service all surrounding areas. Our convenient showroom is located at 4650 Arrow Hwy Ste D3 Montclair, CA 91763. Homeowners are invited to call to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.

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We are a family-owned company with more than 20 years of experience in the industry, offering the best results for homeowners who are ready to upgrade their kitchens and bathrooms.

The team of expert designers and installers is dedicated to superior craftsmanship and fine cabinetry. The quality of our workmanship is unbeatable. The team pairs low prices with fast, efficient service to ensure the satisfaction of every customer. All types of interior remodeling are available based on the needs and requests of the customer. Common services include kitchen remodeling, kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling, bathroom renovation, bath refinishing, custom cabinetry, cabinets, countertop refacing, interior home remodeling, home remodeling, and more.

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Established in 2003.
Kitchen Medic Home Remodeling LLC. started in Fountain Hills, AZ in a small shop located just five minutes away from town. The Family then moved to Rapid City, SD where Kitchen Medic Home Remodeling LLC. continued to stay in business. After three years of living in Rapid City, they decided to move to Southern California to the beautiful town of Montclair, CA. The family settled down into their cozy new home with all four beautiful daughters. After seven years, Kitchen Medic Home Remodeling LLC. has expanded and become very blessed over the years.

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Kitchen Medic Home Remodeling LLC.
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    Yes, our contractors license number is #1057387

    What is the difference between refinishing and refacing?

    Refinishing involves updating the existing surface by stripping off the old finish, repairing any damage or imperfections, and applying a new finish or coating. For example, when refinishing cabinets, the doors and drawer fronts are typically removed, and the remaining cabinet frames are sanded down and repainted or re-stained. This process can give the surface a refreshed appearance while retaining the original structure.

    On the other hand, refacing involves replacing the visible exterior elements of a surface while keeping the underlying structure intact. In the case of cabinet refacing, the cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and sometimes even the veneer or laminate covering the cabinet boxes are replaced. This allows for a significant change in the appearance of the cabinets without the need for a full replacement.

    In summary, refinishing focuses on revamping the existing surface through repair and applying a new finish, while refacing involves replacing the visible elements while maintaining the underlying structure. The choice between refinishing and refacing depends on the extent of changes desired, the condition of the existing surface, and the budget of the project

    What is the difference between custom vs pre-fab?

    The main difference between custom and pre-fabricated (pre-fab) items, such as cabinets or countertops, lies in their production process and level of customization.

    Custom items are built to order based on the specific requirements and preferences of the customer. For example, custom cabinets are designed and constructed according to the precise measurements and design specifications provided by the homeowner. These items offer a high level of customization, allowing for unique designs, materials, finishes, and features. Custom products are typically handcrafted by skilled artisans or carpenters, resulting in a more personalized and tailored outcome.

    On the other hand, pre-fabricated items are mass-produced and available in standardized sizes, designs, and finishes. They are manufactured in advance and ready to be installed without the need for customization. Pre-fabricated items are often produced in factories using assembly line processes, which allow for cost-effective and efficient production. These products come in standard sizes and styles, offering limited options for customization and personalization.

    The choice between custom and pre-fabricated items depends on factors such as budget, timeline, design flexibility, and individual preferences. Custom options provide more design freedom but tend to be more expensive and require longer lead times, while pre-fabricated items offer quicker installation and cost savings but have less room for customization.

    What is the difference between quartz and granite?

    Quartz and granite are both popular choices for countertops, but they differ in terms of their composition, appearance, maintenance, and durability.

    Composition: Quartz countertops are engineered stone surfaces made by combining natural quartz crystals with resin and pigments. Granite countertops, on the other hand, are natural stone surfaces that are quarried and cut into slabs.

    Appearance: Quartz countertops offer a wide range of colors and patterns, including options that mimic the look of natural stone. They have a consistent and uniform appearance. Granite countertops have a unique and natural beauty, with each slab exhibiting distinct patterns and colors.

    Maintenance: Quartz countertops have a non-porous surface, which means they are highly resistant to staining and do not require sealing. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Granite countertops, on the other hand, are porous and require periodic sealing to prevent staining. They may require more care and attention to maintain their appearance.

    Durability: Both quartz and granite countertops are durable choices. Quartz is highly resistant to scratches, heat, and stains. Granite is also scratch-resistant and heat-resistant, but it is more prone to staining if not properly sealed.

    Installation: Quartz countertops are typically more uniform in thickness and can be easier to install due to their engineered nature. Granite countertops may require additional support due to their weight and variation in thickness.

    Cost: The cost of quartz and granite countertops can vary depending on factors such as color, quality, and availability. In general, quartz countertops tend to be more expensive than granite, although high-end granite options can also be quite costly.

    The choice between quartz and granite countertops ultimately depends on personal preferences regarding appearance, maintenance requirements, and budget. Both materials offer durability and beauty, but quartz provides a wider range of design options and easier maintenance, while granite offers natural variation and charm.

    What is the timeline and schedule for my kitchen/bathroom remodel?

    The timeline and schedule for a kitchen or bathroom remodel can vary depending on the scope of the project, the complexity of the work, and factors such as contractor availability, permits, and material sourcing. Generally, a kitchen or bathroom remodel can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to complete.

    The initial stages of the project typically involve consultation, design planning, and material selection, which may take a few weeks to finalize. Once the design is approved, the actual remodeling work begins, including tasks such as demolition, plumbing and electrical work, installation of cabinets, countertops, flooring, and fixtures, as well as painting or wallpapering.

    The duration of each stage of the remodel will depend on the specific tasks involved, the size of the space, and the level of customization required. It’s important to factor in potential delays, such as unforeseen issues discovered during demolition or unexpected changes in material availability.

    To get a more accurate timeline and schedule for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, it is recommended to consult with a professional remodeling service like Kitchen Medic Home Remodeling LLC. We will assess your specific project requirements, provide a detailed timeline, and work with you to establish a realistic schedule that considers your needs and minimizes disruption.

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